Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finally the team is together and on a Map

Finally the whole team is together.

With the arrival of Kurt on Monday evening we are able to present you with a photo of the whole team.

After a shopping expedition in Aalborg the real training began on the Barracks with a sprint training session on Monday evening.
Tuesday morning was then a trip to Bulbjorg for some sand dune expierience. The drive, advertised at 58km turned out to be 75 and took about an hour fifteen. It seems distance measurement in Denmark is flexable. The whole team did well interpreting the map and puting thier skills to the test with some hard fast exercises in the complex terrain.

There will be no following on this camp. We are a team of individuals.

Brea was a little overheated after her hard work

The cool down after a day on Bulbjorg

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Karen said...

Thanks for the updates Roch. I really look forward to them :)
Looks to be a touch warmer than back home at the moment!