Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Final Report

Hi all. It seems the last blog for the JWOC 2010 Australian team is up to me. Having just read some of the blogs from Attackpoint(bun and Joshb) I realised that things have been left a little open ended.

Having finally getting onto a computer for the first time since JWOC I will post this in the hope that some may have a last look.

As pointed out by Bun, the team was amazing and very supportive of each other. As coach, and I am sure the manager would agree, I found the cooperation and the determination of the group to be second to none. After being together for two weeks you would usually find that with a group of 12 individuals tempers would become a little frayed. This was never the case. They were a pleasure to work with and always looked after each other. Well done team. Lets do it again next year.

As the pictures show the team worked hard at making an impression on the last night and, as a result set the standard for all. I believe that a great night was had by all and it seems many tales of some of their exploits may leak into the system. All I know is that everyone was able to get up at 7:00am for an 8:30 departure time and that, although looking a bit tired were in a cheerful and happy state to travel.

With 10 of the 12 eligible to return to Poland in 2011 I am already looking forward to working with them. Thanks team for your support of Valerie and myself and I hope we were able to go some way towards offering you the help and support you needed.

Bring on Poland!!

The Girls Showing the UN Troops how it should be done

Bronzed Aussies. How could anyone resist

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Karen said...

That's great. Thanks Roch. Hadn't seen any photo's of the party gear and yes they look superb. A photo the morning after might be nice ;) and I'd be very interested to hear some of those exploits !!!
From talking to Josh and reading their AP blogs and this one I'd agree that at all times, despite disappointments, the team seemed to be in good spirits and really supportive of each other. Great bunch and well done to the coach and manager. Enjoy your Orienteering and touristy stuff ..... very jealous !!!
PS. StK66 very concerned about Saints against Hawks this weekend.