Friday, July 2, 2010

The Lines are Being Drawn

A message from the manager (that's me, Valerie)!

Many of you are interested in housekeeping matters, and what our accommodation is like. We've actually been rather fortunate to have been accidentally upgraded to our official JWOC accommodation for the whole of training camp as well so we are enjoying being in 2 person rooms with ensuite bathrooms. The canteen serves delicious food - loads of choice, and plenty of it. The Barracks look very ordinary from the outside but are well appointed inside. Mind you, working out how to use the washing machines and dryers has been a challenge! We do now have plenty of clean clothes, however...
Roch and I are driving 9-seater buses, and each of us has tried to drive on the wrong side of the road only once! Generally, the Danes are courteous and safe drivers and driving has been easy. It has been fairly quiet around the camp so far, but the teams are beginning to arrive in earnest today.

Battle lines have been drawn and the nonsense has begun.

A tired and grumpy team headed off today for training after some hard games of football and team baiting exercises late into the night. The aftermath has been blamed on the USA as their flag appeared on our bus. They claim no knowledge and have blamed either the South Africans or the United Kingdom. Retaliation will be swift.

Legoland tomorrow for the children of today

A high level of concentration for our relay practice. Only one managed to be confused after our extensive briefing.

Lilian is carefully visualising her approach to the next challenge. Not Last Minute Lilian this time!

Oscar on his way to another change-over in the 4-person relay practice event today. Now it's the girls' turn to maintain the winning pace.

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Karen said...

Great work Valerie - you technological whizz you ;)
Nice to know everyone's comfortable in their accommodation. I bet legoland was terrific.