Friday, July 9, 2010

Middle Qualification(Not so Long Long Day)

Today the Australians bounced back with Belinda qualifying for the finals and better results all round for the rest. This meant that the squad headed back to barracks with more positive and cheerful attitude. "Today I felt like I could orienteer again" was a quote that reflected the attitude of all.
Most enjoyed the courses and the more open terrain than they experienced in the long. Obviously there was an element of disappointment with Ian and Kurt missing the final by 40 and 44 seconds respectively and errors by the others adding to their frustration of not making the final.
Frustrations aside it was impressive how the whole squad bounced back after the disappointment of the long day and dug in and had a real go at their respective courses. Well done team. No squibs and quitters in this squad.


Belinda in qualifying form

The support team

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Unknown said...

Great stuff you guys. Looking at your times in the Middle distance you are up there with the best. As mentioned earlier, more time on these sand dunes & maps you would be back first and then sunning yourselves on the beach waiting for the next competitors to come in:) Nice work Lil.....Warwick Burrill's Go Lil from Grace