Thursday, June 30, 2011

Training Day 3 - Relay

Today the team set off to a slightly different type of map for some training for the JWOC relay. In contrast to previous maps, this area was characterised by slightly more variation of vegetation, undulationg contours (compared to the more usual steepness), and even some marshes in and around depressions or gullies.

The exercises set by Roch involved a warm up of about 2-2.5km, followed by a few mass start intervals, but relay style with forking just to make it interesting. The area was lightning fast and a real high pace was need to keep near the front, like the JWOC relay is expected to be. But the subtleness of the contours ensured we still stayed on our toes navigationally.

Im sure all team members considered it another very useful day of training. For those of you unable to experience the wonders of the beautiful polish terrain, we have a bit of headcam footage, courtesy of Ians new headcam, for you to drool over.

If we can get the hotel internet working better we might be able to provide you with a few more videos from the past few days. Possibly not even all orienteering related.

The afternoon consisted of mainly relaxing and swimming at the hotel for the athletes.

And a trip to 'the Kalvaria' for Valerie and Aislinn who hadnt had enough walking carrying everyones drink bottles in the forest today. They walked 5k and encountered 25 little Chapels from the 17th Century.

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow. Morning Sprint training on our only sprint map is most likely on the cards.

writed and posted by Josh.

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Karen said...

Thanks for the regular blog updates guys ... great for us still over here in Australia, although it feels like I'm the minority :) The headcam video is terrific and the terrain looks so nice. Thinking of you all as the Opening Ceremony and competitions approach. ENJOY :)