Sunday, July 3, 2011

Opening Ceremony Day

Today was always planned as an easy day training wise for the team.
Valerie and I drove to Gdansk to return the buses leaving Aislinn to take the team on a bus trip to the model map for the sprint. All reported that they had a good look at the map and that it did not seem to offer any surprises.

One wobble in the fabric of all that is well was the disqualification of the Ukraine team from participating in the sprint. We can only assume they ran in an out of bounds area during the model.

Lillians birthday tomorrow the 3rd, so maybe we will do something or maybe be wont. Can't have her distracted form her real purpose for being here.

After heading of to our first team officials meeting it was back to the accommodation to brief the team and then prepare for the opening ceremony. A quick evening meal,a bus trip into town and we were lined up for our march (behind a brass band) around the town square and into our places in front of the town hall. I will let the photos tell the story.

Our entertainment

Bun and George under the spot light of the local media

Profile Time

Oliver Claire and Ian

You will have to wait in excitement and anticipation for these as the folder is in Valeries room and I dare not wake her up to get them as it is now 11:15.

Sprint final tomorrow and we are ready so look out!!


Malin Andersson said...
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Malin Andersson said...

Good luck to all of you tomorrow and for the rest of the week! :) I will be following the live results from Sweden with excitement! It looks so much fun so I'm so jealous I cant be there too! ;) Enjoyyyy

Karen said...

Good luck everyone. Like Malin, I am so so jealous. Enjoy the sprint and hopefully we'll find some live coverage here. Thinking of you all :)