Friday, July 1, 2011

Thursday Sprint Training

Nothing of note or excitement to post today. Doing this at a late hour as no volunteers came forward dazzle you all with their offerings.

Began the day by setting out a sprint course on a map called Bliza. A well drawn and accurate map that was used for the Baltic Cup earlier in the year. It actually includes the local miltary accademy and some of the chapels visited by Pope John Paul when he spent time praying for our souls. The only problem encountered was me leaving the maps in the bus on the other side of a 55m high hill and as a result had to run back and get them. Surprisingly no one else volunteered.

Preparing to Sprint
analysing the result

The squad then returned to the Hotel and prepared to visit a Castle in Malbork some 2 hours drive south of our base. As none of the boys saw the need to expand their cultural experience of Poland it was left to all the girls and their honourary female driver to fly the Ausy flag.
The experience was well worth the trip as the Castle was amazing. It was at some stage the largest castle in the world with an even more amazing history.

Tomorrow will be an easy day training wise with an easy session for some (except Aislinn) in the morning and then a visit to the Model area for the long, middle and relay. Lets hope lessons have been learned and satisfying results for all are upon us.

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Paula said...

Sounds like you are all having a great time!! love reading about your events. all the best
Paula Doyle