Friday, January 13, 2012

The Next Few Days

Wednesday began with that dreaded part of the camp that is never loooked forward to by the Squad. The 3Km time trial.

On a rough grassy oval in Dixon, with an uphill, into the wind back straight it proved difficult to produce good times. Max Neuman was our standout performer posting a time of 9:58.

The rest of Wed. was spent concentrating on sprint technique. Josh set some great courses on a simple map of the camp. He ran a knockout style competition that culminated in a final for the best 4 qualifiers. Controversy was the order of the day for the final with a control on the inside of an uncrossable fence. Competitors either reached over the fence to touch the flag or opened a gate that was maped as uncrossable and ran to the control. As a result all bar about 5 of the squad were disqualified. Brody was crowned the winner even though he swam across the pool to get to the flag. The winner of the girls was less clear and is still pending an appeal.

Wed. evening was then off to ANU to run the ACT twilight sprint event.

The offending Sprint Course

Thursday was spent AM at Kowen Forest with a map memory, simplification exercise in pairs followed by a 3 loop course where each person started on a separate course and passed through a common control before finishing.

A great talk from Shannon Jones in the arvo on sprint orienteering proved to be valuable to all. Her story of her road to success and her techniques used in sprint orienteering held the interest of all and generated some probing questions.

It was then off to the pool for another of those dreaded group sessions. The swim sets. This was then followed by a BBQ at the pool. It seems that a lot was learnt from the day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

National Junior Squad Begins 2012 - Canberra Camp

Hanny has their attention

Nineteen juniors from around Australia began the 2012 orienteering year with the first day of camp in Canberra. After the gathering was complete and lunches consumed the squad ran from the camp ground, across the road to Mt Majura West for the first training exercise. With Hanny, Josh and Karen along to help all were keen to do well and impress the experts.
Each athlete had to hang a flag, run around a predertermined course using the flags hung by their fellow athletes back to their own flag and bring it in. If they were not fast enough it was likely that some of the flags on their course had gone.
Michele was adamant she had hung hers in the correct place but no one could find it. It turned out that someone had actually stolen it. Don't tell Grant anyone!

Back at camp Hanny gave a great talk on what it take to be a champion orienteer. Very informative and for most inspiring.

One of the courses