Monday, June 24, 2013

Long Distance - Slaying The Mountains

Yesterday (Saturday) Olle, Heather, Mary, and I enjoyed a lazy day in the 'Penzion' mainly involving trying to get the charger into the computer by throwing from a distance.. The festivities we short lived, because we were unfortunately interrupted by a trip out to Dobrosov for the much anticipated long distance trial. With a cracker view from the top of the map we set off ready for a big one. But our excitement faded when we realised the severity of the hills while on our way to the start.

Us boys were armed with an 8.8k course 600m climb and the girls 6.6km with 450m. Only 90 seconds stood between each starter so the pressure was on for a perfect race. Mary was first cab off the rank followed by myself, Heather, then Olle. With a mostly solid performance, I learned that flow through the more technical areas will be crucial, while also keeping speed up on the longer legs. I finished with a time of 78mins which is not far off what is expected in a weeks time.

Mens Long test with my (Ian) route if you look closely enough

Olle was forced to pull out a bit after halfway because of some feet problems, but some have suggested he just wasn't man enough for the route choice legs.. Heather also had a few problems but still managed to battle on and finish the course. Experiencing what must be some people's worst nightmare, running through a tick-infested area, she had to stop for a short time to remove a particularly cheeky tick which was making an attempt on her eye. Mary finished solidly and regained her confidence which took a battering the previous day.

Big afternoon complete, we headed back home to Jaromer to throw down some post race refreshments and contemplate the choices made on-course.

-- Ian

"I like dogs and stuff"

-- Mary

"I like maccas a lot and made Roch stop on the way from Prague"

-- Nicola


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