Thursday, June 27, 2013


Rain Rain Go Away - The Aussies Are Here, And Ready to Play.

It is believed that Brodie's bad bus dancing may have been interpreted wrongly by the Czech rain Gods, as there is no other plausible explanation for the sudden change in weather conditions. Following 35 degree temperatures in the preceding week, the team was greeted with gusty, wet, 12 degree training conditions today.

Mondays plan involved a lengthy drive out to the relevant Middle distance map. This was the same map as Mary, Olle and Ian had previously raced on. The team focused on familiarising themselves with the terrain and mapping. It was quite interesting to dicuss the mapping techniques for the middle. The general consensus was that singular large rocks were mapped as such, whilst 2-4 large rocks together would be a boulder field, rocky ground was the area covered by more than about 4 larger rocks. After the technical familiarisation Roch sent us off on a 700m split course to practice our middle distance orienteering at speed. The northern end of this map was the border of Czech-Poland and a few of the team actually entered Poland during their training, which was a bit of a treat!

Team before our first full training (Middle)
Tuesdays session was adjacent to the middle terrain and again a lengthy drive. We did some route choice exercises on the long distance relevant map - Chvalecsky Les, which we all pronounced perfectly. This map was again very close to Poland and as a result there were many WWII artifacts scattered across the map. This included several large bunkers, some of which were built into the hillside cliffs. The training was very beneficial to understanding potential route choices as well as analysing the mapping of tracks and vegetation on the long distance maps. As much fun as it was for all of us to run around the steep, slippery slopes in the freezing cold and rain, it sounds like Brodie had the most fun out of all of us - he recounts his story as:

"I was running super fast up a massive hill, when suddenly there were 10 boars chasing me, but it was all sweet 'cause I'm naturally good at running up hills and they couldn't catch me. But because I'm still a bit of a sissy I decided to hide in some WWII bunkers that I found. They were pretty cool. Figured I should keep on training so I caught up to Andrew and Matt who were crossing a cow paddock. There were lots of cows in the cow paddock. Distracted by Andrew and Matt in front of me, I touched the fence wire and got a bit of a shock - electric fence. It was just like a typical training session in Frankston."

Matt Doyle
With the rain and wind being such attractive weather we decided to stop over at the Jaromer Sprint on the way home. A short sharp 2km sprint course got some speed into the team's legs. It was a good opportunity to practise navigating around an old town with steps, cobble stones and churches, similar to the Sprint terrain for JWOC.
Nicola Blatchford
On the lengthy bus trips out there we have acquired quite a few memorable quotes from the team, as well as on numerous other occasions. Most memorable team quotes thus far:

Jacqui: 'I'm going to eat this nutella in front of the mirror, so I can see if I have any on my teeth.'
Matt: 'How's your nipple going Brodie?'
Valerie - 'Did the cows have bells Heather?' Heather: 'I don't think so, but they had horns, I noticed that when they started chasing me.'
Lanita: commenting on her southern hemisphere compass 'How come it's not pointing the wrong way?'
Nicola: 'I saw some people in the forest, they sounded really foreign!' They were canadian.
Roch: 'Look at those muscles Ian.'
Brodie: 'In my physic class we just take off our pants every lesson.'
Mary: 'I've eaten too many donuts and can't fit into my skinny jeans.'
Ian: 'I wanna marry my bed'
Olle: 'I love my bright pink shoes.'
Andrew: 'These Jam rolls are amazing, I'm going to eat another 4.'
Michele: 'I'm going to ace my exam!'
Oscar: 'No I didn't kiss Brodie.'

Andrew Barnett


Blair Trewin said...

The old cross-border training map - remember the idea well from our JWOC training camp, although that was the German-Czech border (from the German side). It was only 18 months after the fall of the Berlin Wall so we were bit surprised that there was no evidence there'd ever been a fence - but I guess it would have been a bit of a waste of time crossing illegally from East Germany to Czechoslovakia or vice versa. (The novelty of crossing an international border on my Thursday morning long runs never quite wore off during my stints in Geneva, either).

Best of luck for everything - sounds like things are going pretty well on the training camp. I look forward to seeing a lot of good results (and remember the hills are steep for everyone else too).

By the way, does one of the Hradec Kralove clubs still have a kangaroo as their emblem?

Unknown said...

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