Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thunderstorms, Ticks, Nettles and Podium Places - All on the Aussie Czech List

The past few days have been full of surpises for the few Australians who are now training in Czech Republic. With just under 9 Days untill the opening ceremony of JWOC 2013, a refreshingly cool change in the weather has occured. We woke to a huge thunderstorm this morning (Friday) with bellowing thunder and strobing lightning. Thursday had been overly hot. At 11am Olle and Ian made our way to the local athletics track to undertake our planned Fartlek session. 35 degree temperatures were not favorable on an athletics track where it felt more like 38. The session was a little shorter than expected but still the boys got out of the session what they had planned. A great morning session to get some speed into the legs before going out in search of podiums in 9 days time.

 Heather has had enough of the immature plebs

The afternoon combined some running technique training with swimming and a close inspection of the style of which the sprint will be mapped. However the heat did not show any mercy, even in the afternoon. It was still 33 degrees at 5pm when Heather and Mary did some stair running technique. A loop with stairs up and down was intended to give our Aussie Athletes more confidence when  tackling the narrow deteriorating sandstone steps of old Czech towns. After discovering a pool earlier in the day a swim was definitely in order, and the only thing stopping us was $1.30. The afternoon was very well spent.

 Mens Course - Map A

Mens Course - Map B

This mornings' session was a trial Middle Distance race on the map adjacent to the JWOC Middle Distance Competition map. We used a similar course to the Hungarian JWOC Selection race. the terrain was more forgiving than our previous Middle distance trainings and did not feature any labyrinth style sandstone navigation. Without controls at the points (either tapes, a wooden stick or nothing) it was a little difficult to continue flow through controls. However, the Aussies finished with good times that we know would be significantly better on race day. There was mutual feeling that with controls, lots of quality competition and the adrenaline of race day, great results are soon to come. Unfortunately for Heather, she had to keep her head in the books for the day as her final Exam is tomorrow morning. Also, Ian fell victim to a Czech Tick who was attempting to snatch a free lunch, it faced the consequences. A perfect example of what is to come when Aussie takes on the Czechs and the rest of the world in 9 days.

Ian Lawford GoPro footage - Start through to (almost) Control 3

Ian and I continued back into the forest for the afternoon, checking out some route choice legs for the long distance. Unlike the middle training maps this one was a lot simpler and faster running, however hillier. I found this refreshing after feeling a bit demoralized and slow trying to get used to the mapping of vegetation and rocks on the middle maps. We took separate legs for a few route choice controls to check out hill climb vs longer flatter routes. Fair to say Ian won most of those! Perhaps my battle with stinging nettles gave him the lead. Tomorrow we head out for a long test race, so it was great to get a feel for a long map beforehand. Goals for tomorrow are to keep route choice simple, and know what feature to look for when re-entering the forest.
    - Mary

Dinner was good. I had potatoes and pasta.
   - Ian


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