Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat (Part 1)

Our JWOC team has been very busy over the last 5 weeks. The following is part 1 of the story I am calling, eat, sleep, train, repeat.

Chapter 1 - Strength and Speed (By Michele Dawson):

One of my goals coming out of Easter was to continue to build up my strength and speed in the terrain. My training in the past 5 weeks has largely focused around this.

Perhaps my favourite session to do has been short terrain intervals, navigating at speed. With the help of Dad putting out control flags and the pressure of racing against both Dad and my brother, Aidan, I have been able to focus on minimizing navigation errors. I have had the opportunity to complete these sessions on complex granite and intricate erosion gully terrains.

Another focus for my training has been intense hill sessions, often completed at Sydney Olympic Park, as pictured below.

My upcoming focus is the Queen’s Birthday 3-Day Carnival in Dubbo this weekend. I am thoroughly looking forwards to running on the JWOC 2007 maps with courses set by some elite Stingers. It will be a good opportunity to put into practice everything I’ve focused on in training in a race context.
My aim for my last three weeks in Australia, before heading off to compete in the Alpe Adria in Italy, is to ensure consistency in my training sessions and focus on recovery between sessions to allow for maximum effort during sessions.

With the last of my university assignments completed today and exams in the upcoming weeks, the anticipation of JWOC 2014 approaches!

Chapter 2 - On Track for JWOC (By Olle Poland):

Since Easter, my training has been going great. I have seen physios to minimise potential injuries and have really focused on building hill strength. Two weekends ago I had some great runs in the ACT champs, especially the sprint, and feel as if I am on track to a great result at JWOC.

Chapter 3 - On the comeback (By Nicola Blatchford):
Training since Easter hasn’t gone exactly to plan for me unfortunately, the classic ‘pre-winter cold’ got to me when I was getting a bit run-down and unfortunately I missed out on a week of training and some good races in ACT. However motivation levels were at a peak following the Easter camp and definitely haven’t decreased!
Hills and intervals have been a big focus in my training program, with strength and speed being two things from Easter that I noticed I really needed to improve on before we head off to the Bulgarian Maps. Track Intervals of a Wednesday has become a weekly session with the Newcastle Orienteers, and it’s definitely made getting through those tough sessions a lot easier. An attempt to improve my running style (Many Thanks to Coach Tracy and Paula!!) has been really good to focus on especially during these sessions, and has definitely improved how I feel about my running recently, and I think has had a good impact on my speed recently as well.
As always I’ve made sure I get to all of the club events and state leagues I can. A club event at Belford, one of my personal favourite Newcastle maps, was a really good chance to get the legs moving in open terrain and really practice my compass technique. Last week’s mass start club event was also really good for some race practice. The course was designed as a pairs relay with multiple pivot controls so it was a good chance to focus on exit direction and control flow, with the pressure of other people around at the same time.

Apart from specific Orienteering training of course, the highlight of my training week of late has been mixed indoor netball with the Newcastle Orienteers. “MACEY’S ANGELS”, named after the one and only Alex Massey himself, are sitting in an impressive top of the ladder position (division 3, but that’s not important)! What we lack in actual netball skills we make up for in our enthusiasm, and the ability to run for the entire 40minute game. Wish us luck for upcoming the finals!


The next competition on my program is the QBIII this weekend in Dubbo, two days of which are being organized by the NSW Stingers so it’ll be a good weekend of races on some quality maps. Really looking forward to some multi-day race practice!

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