Monday, June 2, 2014

The Road to JWOC

The last 5 weeks have been very busy for all of the JWOC team, trying to balance training with the increasing pressure of school, work and uni. The following blog posts include reflections of the team of their training since Easter.

For myself, the last 5 weeks have been very busy and the balance between training and studying has worked perfectly, with the usual impact on my social life.... The theme of the last few weeks has been eat, sleep, eat, study, eat, train, eat and repeat. The first two weeks post Easter were moderate weeks for me, where I completed some killer hill sessions and an interesting Victorian State League race on some nice mining terrain (see map below).
My route and map from the State League at Irishtown

Proceeding these two solid weeks of training was the fabled JWOC preparation week (1st edition). Put simply this was a modified hard week where I completed sessions that mimicked the races I will be doing at JWOC. Unfortunately I was unable to get to any maps due to uni commitments but it was good to practise the recovery strategies I will use at JWOC and to finish the week completely buggered.
A highlight of this week was going to two 21st parties Saturday night, having 5 hours sleep and then doing a tough fartlek session on some farm roads at 8am to finish the intense week of training. This occasion was made even better by me wearing my top from the infamous "Gentleman's night" at the Easter camp.
For more details on my JWOC prep week you can see my attackpoint at

$2 from Kandos still serving me well

A well earned rest week followed this and allowed me to finish my first honours assignment (8000 words, 44 pages and over 50 hours of work). This week ended with a hard weekend; a 3km time trial with Matt on a tough course and a Victorian State League race at Chewton Diggings, the map that you might remember from Australian Champs 2009 (see below). It was a good weekend for me, with a PB in the 3km in not optimal conditions (9:42) and a 3rd place at the state league only 2.5 mins behind Bryan.

A young Matt Doyle having a swim at Chewton Diggings

This last week was my last week of uni before exams so it involved lots of finishing things off and fitting in training wherever I could. On Tuesday I joined Ian Lawford and a few other Victorian orienteer’s at Melbourne university athletic clubs interval session. This session was a ripper, 6x1km with descending recoveries (5,4,3,2 and 1 mins). On Friday I jumped on a plane to New Zealand, to compete in the Queen’s Birthday Weekend Competition north of Wellington. A post on this weekend will be up shortly.


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