Thursday, July 31, 2014


Apologies for the delay in getting the remainder of the team member profiles up on the blog, but they weren't all complete prior to competition and then things got quite hectic reporting on results.

Name:              Olivia Sprod
Nickname:       Spud
What is your favourite animal?  A majestic moose.
What is your favourite food?  Rich chocolate mousse.
Meet someone dead or alive?  Dead.

Name:             Oscar McNulty
Nickname:       McNaughty
JWOC Class:    Experienced
Where would your dream home be?   On the border between France and Switzerland
What is your favourite movie classification? PG
What do you like to call your profile picture on facebook  My DP

What are you looking forward to at JWOC 2014?     I am looking forward to the sprint and long. Aim is to take 4 golds this year.

Name:              Henry McNulty
Nickname:       McNulty
JWOC class:    Fresh meat (1st JWOC)
FIN, SWE, NOR?    Fin as long as they're 24
If you were Miss Universe, what would your message for aspiring models be?    Eat big, get big.
What would be your ultimate team vehicle?  A Matthias Kyburz pulled sled.

What are looking forward to at JWOC 2014?   Getting some experience in a new competition and new terrain. Also 2:30min/km in the sprint.

Name: Lanita Steer
Nickname:   Lani Banana
JWOC Class:  Second timer

What are you looking forward at JWOC 2014? The long distance, I am looking forward to seeing how I go.

Name:       Brodie Nankervis

Nickname:    Sxckitten
JWOC Class:  Marinated (3rd JWOC)
2 lies and 1 truth:   I once went to the toilet in the shower, I am the youngest man to have solo flown the atlantic,  I have 2 windows in my room
How many windows do you have in your room?      1
What are you looking forward to at JWOC 2014?  Looking forward to putting a strong race together in the long and getting a podium finish in the relay!

Name:    Michele Dawson
Nickname:    Sweden's most wanted
JWOC class:   1959 Grange wine (3rd JWOC)
Favourite piece of furniture?   what would chairs look like if knees were on the back of your legs?
Where is your favourite place to catch a quiet drink?   The ranch in Boden, Sweden.      

What are looking forward to at JWOC 2014? As my last JWOC I’d like to be consistent and have my best results.