Sunday, July 20, 2014

MasterOrienteer Pressure test - Sprint essence and a dash of middle gel

Todays dish requires not only a large amount of preparation but also, dedication, expectation and lunch time communication! You will not only encounter some of Bulgaria's most technically challenging terrain, but you will also be forced to outrun dogs, dodge rally cars and take a quality Instagram photo.

We will start off with the slower, yet delicate hero of todays dish. The middle distance gel. With an easy 20 minute drive, you will be taken to a lush forest, filled with vibrant mushrooms and high visibility. New Zealanders will encounter a local Bulgaria. When this happens they must trade emails, addresses and family names. Do not fear however, this man only wants you to send him the photo of your team with him to the email address provided. After this 15 minute gift of entertainment will come the most important part of this stage of the dish, the race.

At two minute intervals, add a male and female orienteer to your pre-made forest. Ensure you have lots of contour detail, climb, controls and rock detail in your middle distance forest. after adding all the NZ and AUS runners, add a dash of British orienteer who has accompanied the past few dishes of the week. Some of your runners may go stale on sections of the course, but do not fret, they will soon return and come through with a consistent and steady time. Other runners will cook very quickly, at a speed that could possibly put them into a podium position. After all runners have completed the said cooking duration, toss a few fruit out of the car widow at a speed of 110 km/hr at road signs. Your toss will be of a satisfactory standard if the fruit makes a 'DANGGG' sound and juice is sprayed onto the car windows.

After letting the Middle gel set for a day take your 24 runners on a short 10 minute marinating drive to the ghetto of Samokov. Before creating the real hero of the dish, fast times, warm up each runner as if it was the real JWOC race day. On this particular warm-up however, watch that your runners do not get down by those rally cars which will be sliding their way around the Borovets-Samokov area for the next two days. The runners may start, at 1 minute intervals this time and should cook for between 7 and 12 minutes. I this time they should have run around 1.6 kilometres and should have out run at least six dogs, four cats, a horse and of course 24 rally cars.

As this is the last hard cook of before the finals, the rest of the day is yours! Some of you may choose to watch the rally cars just outside the Hotel. Others may choose to swim, or do a "gym" session. Whatever you choose, with only 3 days until the first JWOC race, make sure you are all completely composed and ready to take home some medals!
Good luck to you all, and we will see you in the SPRINT FINAL on the 22nd from 5pm AEST.

- Olle

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Roch Prendergast said...

All the best everyone. I am excited for you and cant wait to see how it all goes. Will be following it all. Remember "process, process, process" Heres hoping for that autotelic experience