Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Team Member Profiles

With competition week upon us it's a good time for you to get to know your Australian team. Here are a few personal details for half of the team members.


Nickname:  The Bearded Wonder or Chewbacca
JWOC class   Prisoner of War (5th  JWOC)
Dogs or Cats?: "I'm not scared of cats, they're just lame: "I once got attacked by a cat, it scratched up my chest and arms."
Anchorman 1 or 2? As a wise man once said, so.
Favourite afterparty headline act?              Martin Garrix
What are looking forward to at JWOC 2014? Australia’s best ever relay finish. Hanny seconds this motion.


Nickname:       Mashies
JWOC class:   Cheeky (1st JWOC)
Are you attending Oringen 2016?       Yes
Are you really attending?        Yes
Favourite colour shoes?         Pink and green

What are looking forward to at JWOC 2014? The sprint race, I think it will be fun.

Nickname:       P Diddddddddy
JWOC class:   A dip of the toe Ready to dive(2nd JWOC)

Describe yourself with a single word:         Thoughtful
If you were gay who would your life partner be?  Alf Stewart
Favourite Orienteering Quote? There is no route choice only weakness.

What are looking forward to at JWOC 2014?Consistent good runs in all races.


Nickname:       Fatty Fat Fat
JWOC class:   A taste of the cookie (2nd JWOC)
What is your favourite emoji?                                   Smiley blush face

What would be your favourite date?   January 32nd
Which country is your favourite?        Austria ;)

What are you looking forward at JWOC 2014?         Orienteering in a new area and meeting new people.


Nickname:       #tag
JWOC class:   Rookie (1st JWOC)
Who would you be in Game of Thrones?    Arya Stark
What do you think about Bulgarian Horses? Very healthy
Describe your dream date:     Matthias Kyburz taking me on a light jog through fields of wild strawberries and dairy cows.

What are looking forward to at JWOC 2014?  The middle distance terrain, its sweet!


Nickname:       Matt Doyle (see @ausjwoc on instagram)
JWOC class:    JWOC Virgin, first time

Would you rather be jet packed headfirst into a wall or dragged through a forest by a chain suspended from a helicopter?   Jet pack for sure
“What’s your favourite movie?” Pitch Perfect
Buff, lean or inbetween?  Me or what I would prefer?

What are you looking forward at JWOC 2014?         Experiencing European terrain, in particular the middle distance.

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