Friday, June 26, 2015

The Prelude

After a tough flight complete with a toddler that conveniently slept for 11 hours and some people that would not stop laughing, I arrived in Sweden to have my Dad pick me and take me straight out to my first Euro session of the year. Another couple of days of training later, we were joined by Herny, who had also been doing a little bit of training in Sweden as well. Early the the next morning (although the sun had already been up for 3 hours),  we set out on the 7 hour gratuitous drive across Sweden and a bit of Norway, which we spent as much time underground in tunnels as above it, to Drammen, where the rendezvous with young Jarrah was designated.

After another long car journey, we arrived in Rauland, our home for the next 2 and half weeks. Settling into our (Dad's, Jarrah's and mine) accommodation, we proceeded to drop Henry off with all his sk8er boy m8s, with which he settled in nicely.

Sitting in a car for nigh on 10 hours is enough to leave the legs feeling lethargic, so we headed out to spin the legs over on a trail near the accommodation. Little did we know that this 'trail' would turn out to  be an hour slog through the terrain! Luckily it was broken up by some picturesque cliffs, waterfalls and even our first run in with the cold, wet sand that the Norwegians call "snow."

Today we set out to the Dauvi map and got our first taste of orienteering in JWOC relevant terrain. And what a fine taste it was! Marshes, hills and rocks were a plenty, especially for poor Herny, who coming from Uppsala where hills are about as common as hills in a very flat city, like Uppsala.

Doing what any self respecting football team would do, we then had an appropriate recovery session in the conveniently located lake.

A short drive took us up into the true alpine country of Skinnarbu, where Henry and I cracked out a fine jog, which this time had more snow, more majestic vistas, but less picking our way through thick undergrowth, which was quite a treat.

We are looking forward to meeting up with the rest of the team (a.k.a. our pit-crew) tomorrow at Vierli accomm, and cracking on with the preparation for JWOC 2015.

Stay tuned for more classic banter fresh from Rauland, Norway, brought to you by Henry, Jarrah, and me, Datt Moyle

(Matt Doyle)

(Terry loves yoguhrt)

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