Friday, July 3, 2015

Let the training begin

Apologies for the lack of blog posts over the last week but we’ve been kept pretty busy finishing season one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, having some epic battles on QuizUp and making the most of the ‘heatwave’. We’ve actually achieved a fair bit in our first week here in Rauland, we all feel nice and confident in the challenging Norwegian terrain, Matt just made it to level 11 of Pitch Perfect on QuizUp and Winnie’s finally managed to have a shower in under 17 minutes.

The majority of the team assembled in Oslo airport last Friday and after a bit of a delay as Kazza stalled the hire car six times before we even left the car park, we got on the road to Rauland. The ‘intimate’ four hour drive in our two seven-seater cars was improved by our self created fire tape. After a few rookie navigational errors, we made it to our grass covered hytte by 8pm. A close call, considering we only had seven hours of daylight to spare.

                                                   Just another average Norwegian view

The next morning a partially jet-lagged team set out for our first attempt at conquering the brutal but amazing Norwegian terrain. We learnt pretty quickly that keeping our shoes and socks dry was a lost cause. A gentle map walk got our confidence up before it was crushed by the line course from hell. Most struggled in the more technical terrain however all agreed the map proved a good introduction into the challenges to come. After a lunch break at one of Rauland’s many conveniently located lakes, it was time for a sprint relay.  This prestigious event was narrowly won by Henry and Hannah over Matt and Nicola.

                                                                ‘That’s a niiiice boulder’

The training heated up on Monday when we began the highly anticipated race simulations. Complete with a start draw, quarantine and warm-up maps, these trainings gave us a chance to mentally prepare for the high stress scenarios of the JWOC week. A tricky middle on Bjali followed by a long distance style race on Sauraai were the perfect way to do this.

                                                      Girl’s course from the middle sim

In other news, we were joined by team Physio/Chiropractor/all-round-top-bloke Yngve, a man with the strongest Australian accent that you will ever hear on a Norwegian. His skillful treatments, local knowledge and admirable squatting technique have proved to be invaluable. We’ve also been treated to two masterclass seshes from him on recovery and mobility.

                                                             Strength and Mobility sesh

A rest day on Wednesday allowed us to view some of the spectacular scenery Telemark has to offer, including the impressive Gaustatoppen mountain. The full climb was deemed too physically grueling for a true rest day so we had to settle for an incredibly one-sided snowball fight (lets just say that the boys were never really challenged) and some quality instas halfway up.

                                                     One of many brutal waves of assault
                                                       A sweeping vista and some butts
                                                                       Freaky Friday

Our latest crusade saw Aussie’s and Kiwi’s tearing up the streets of Krossen in the sprint simulation today and some impressive times suggest that we’re well and truly ready for the real thing.

Keep an eye out for some team member profiles coming your way over the next few days.

Pat and Simeon


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written from a Fjord somewhere

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