Thursday, July 13, 2017

Aussie team profiles 2017

You may have seen some guys and girls in gaudy yellow running around in the forest over the past week, we thought it is time that you learn a bit more about the 2017 Australian JWOC team.

Tara Melhuish

Year born: 1999
Nickname: T-pain
JWOC year: biathlon champ (2)
Quote: “Sometimes I just get the urge to go aaarrggghhhhh”
Favourite distance: Sprint
Favourite artist: Darude 
Favourite canned legume: Chilli beans
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: Life is a highway
Mediocre fact: I brush my hair
If I could have a sauna with any orienteer it would be: Maja Alm


Asha Steer

Year born: 1998
Nickname: Sleep-lord
JWOC year: Finally managed 2 JWOCs in a row (3 over 4 years)
Quote: “I want to hold someone’s hand!!!!!!”
Favourite distance: Sprint (anything short and sweet)
Favourite artist: Darude 
Favourite canned legume: lentils
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: Love story
Mediocre fact: I am thinking of dropping out of uni
Proudest life achievement: Slept 20 hours out of 28 on Monday (the 3rd)

Zoe Dowling

Year born: 1998
Nickname: Peachy, Mumma-Zoe
JWOC year: Marinated tofu (2)
Quote: “I love a good sing-a-long”, “beans are so underrated”
Favourite distance: Middle
Favourite artist: Darude 
Favourite canned legume: re-fried beans
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: A thousand miles
2 truths 1 lie: I have done a dump on an orienteering course and heard someone coming, I was born in the car on the way to the hospital, I am a squatting Slav.
Mediocre fact: I was born in a Hospital

Caroline Pigerre

Year born: 1999
Nickname: Caro
JWOC year: Virgin (1)
Quote: what was the map called today? “Something-Jarvi”
Favourite distance: Relay
Favourite artist: Darude 
Favourite canned legume: Black beans
Proudest life achievement: Eating 9 pieces of pizza in one sitting (“I felt so sick afterwards, would not recommend”)
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: Life is a highway
Mediocre fact: I did English and Bio in year 12

Rachel Allen

Year born: 1999
Nickname: Rallentino- Rossi
JWOC year: Freshy (1)
Quote: “Can I borrow your…(insert any item of clothing)”
Favourite distance: I like them all
Favourite artist: Darude 
Mediocre fact: I have my ears pierced
Favourite canned legume: baked beans
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: Circle of Life

Winnie Oakhill

Year born: 1998
Nickname: Shez
JWOC year: 1985 Cabernet Franc (3)
Quote: “So do the bullets end up at the other end?” (At biathlon training, shooting a gun)
Favourite distance: Long
Favourite artist: Darude 
Mediocre fact: I’m fluent in English
Favourite canned legume: Red kidney beans
If I could have a sauna with any orienteer it would be: Matty K

Simeon Burrill

Year born: 1998
Nickname: DJ pussy b***h
JWOC year: One cookie left in the jar (3)
Quote: “I will woo them with my boyish charm”
Favourite distance: Sprint
Favourite artist: Darude 
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: On my way
Mediocre fact: It takes me 32 minutes to brush and gel my hair every morning
2 truths and 1 lie: Darude is underrated, Darude is underrated, Darude is overrated

Joe Dickinson

Year born: 1998
Nickname: Jo
JWOC year: Fresh meat (1)
Quote: “no cookies, no deal”
Favourite distance: Sprint
Favourite artist: Darude 
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: “That one with the filthy drop”
Mediocre fact: I play soccer

Pat Jaffe

Year born: 1998
Nickname: Mr Muscles, Patty Pingerz, bubble butt 2.0, Meme Lord
JWOC year: Hat-trick Jaffe (3)
Quote: “For the past 6 months I've just been a legend” "I got Janned"
Favourite distance: Middle, but love getting down with the boys for the relay
Favourite artist: Darude 
Proudest life achievement: getting 2/10 at biathlon shooting but closely followed by a short walk to the bus with some French girls
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: Home among the gum trees

Jarrah Day

Year born: 1997
Nickname: Jammah 
JWOC year: Three strikes and he’s out  
Quote: “no, yah yah, nooo" 
Favourite distance: Middle
Favourite artist: Darude 
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix:
If I could have a sauna with any orienteer it would be: bubble butt

Aston Key

Year born: 2005
Nickname: Aston Martin
JWOC year: Backstreet Boy (2)
Quote: “I’m 12 now Pat, I can do what I want”, “Did you know IKEA sells hot dogs and meatballs?”
Favourite distance: Middle
Favourite artist: Darude 
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: What about me
Mediocre fact: My favourite subject is maths
If I could have a sauna with any orienteer it would be: Thierry Gueorgiou

Toby Wilson

Year born: 1997
Nickname: Tob-dog
JWOC year: Rookie (1)
Quote: “HOLY S**T”, “that’s f*#%ing ridiculous”, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”
Favourite distance: In Australia: Long, in Finland: to the cookie jar
Favourite artist: Darude 
Mediocre fact: I have only ever lived in one house
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: Fireflies
Proudest life achievement: Beating Jarrah from the last control to the finnish in the Tassie NOL long race.
2 truths 1 lie: My favourite word is ridiculous, I love Darude, I don’t drink

Hanny Allston

Nickname: Grandma 
JWOC year: War lord
Quote "Get in your bubble", "Its so beautiful" 
Favourite distance: to the kettle for a cuppa
Mediocre fact: I am Australian 
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: Someone like you 
Favourite artist: Darude 
If I could have a sauna with any orineteer it would be: Graham Hammond 

Graham Hammond

Nickname: Daddy Gray 
JWOC year: New born 
Quote: "I know heaps about orienteering" 
Favourite distance: Down the slope 
Mediocre fact: I am balding 
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: Egyptian - original mix 
If I could have a sauna with any orienteer it would be: Hanny Allston 
Favourite artist: Darude 

Jim Russell

Nickname: Jimbo 
JWOC year: Prisoner of war
Quote: "you can't see too much in that profile, post it anyway"
Favourite distance: as far as the GPS tracks go
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: Jay Sean - Down 
Mediocre fact: I own inov-8s 
Favourite artist: Darude
If I could have a sauna with any orienteer it would be: my nephew 

Ralph Street

Year born: 1990
Nickname: Uncle Ralphie
JWOC year: Judas (666666666)
Favourite distance: Relay
Favourite artist: Darude 
Mediocre fact: I am British
Favourite Jesse Bloch remix: Sexy B***h
If I could have a sauna with any orienteer it would be: Jamie Stevenson
Greatest life achievement: getting my first real job


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