Sunday, July 8, 2018

So the girls thought it would be a good idea to let the boys write their profiles and vice versa, still not sure if we regret it or not, enjoy.


Name: Patrick Jaffe
Year born: 1998
JWOC class: Meat and three veg
Nickname: Patty Pingerz (that’s dingerz but spelt with a P)
Favourite distance: Relay, yeah the boys
What aspect of JWOC are you most excited for: Putting into practice Nick Manfredi’s advice for event 6.
What do you like to put your hot dog in: a Bunn
Favourite meme page: Rompa Stompaz
Biggest orienteering failure: getting rejected by Asha at age 14/Schools Sprint 2016
Favourite travel blogger: Brodie Nankervis @ Time Pressed Traveller


Name: Asha Steer
Nickname: Boylord
JWOC Class: Home base
Quote: “I haven’t had any boy problems for 6 months… oh wait”
“Surely all boys have been in street fights”
What maths did you take at high school: General Maths (easiest option by a long way)
Let’s see how much you remember, what’s your age minus seven: 13
Now double it: 27??
Biggest achievement: Surviving a ridiculous uni workload last semester
How many subjects did you take last semester: one
Who are you cheering for this world cup: England (it’s coming home)

Name: Angus Haines
Year born: 2000
JWOC class: Virgin
Nickname: Haines-Train
Quote: “you know what having big feet means”
Two truths one lie: It took me under 4 hours to do my washing, my “sock” size is xs, I made a full set of orienteering kit with my face on it.
How long did it take you to do your washing: 17 hours
Favourite wreath worn by Ceaser: Laurel
Highlight of your orienteering carrer: 2016 Schools Sprint
Favourite travel blogger: Brodie Nankervis @ Time Pressed Traveller

Name: Zoe Dowling
Nickname: Carnivore
JWOC Class: 3rd time lucky
Quote: “Not sure if I’ve told you but I actually don’t eat any meat or animal products”
Favourite motorcycle: Harley Davidson
When was the last time you got ID’d: Three years ago
Would you rather have your pants fall down at the spectator control or consume a non-dairy-free choccy milk at the drinks control: Rather not start the race at all
Kill, kiss, eat. Cow, pig, dog? I’m vegan so I’d kiss them all xx
Who are you cheering for this world cup: Germany (exciting initially but didn’t last long)


Name: Alastair George
Year born: 2000
JWOC class: Fresh meat
Nickname: Rebecca
Norwegians, Swedes, Fins or Daines: South Australians
Preference for JWOC party costumes: hotel bath robes
Favourite meme page:  abhorrent aussie memes
If you could be the child of any member of the Danish WOC team, what would you be: Soren's son
Favourite Brodie Nankervis hashtag: #winewinewine
Favourite travel blogger: Brodie Nankervis @ Time Pressed Traveller

Name: Zoe Melhuish
Year of birth: 2006
JWOC Class: Novice
What is your height? Negligible, under 3% (pg 12, jwoc bulletin 4)
Greatest achievement: Beating my sister even though there’s a 10-year age difference
Two truths one lie: I have blonde hair, I’m 12 years old, I deliberately started the 2003 Canberra bushfire when I was 4 months old
How old are you: 15
Who are you cheering for in the world cup: New Zealand, hope they do (Tids)well

Name: Patrick Miller
Year born: 2000
JWOC class: Rookie
Nickname: Patty Dingerz (that’s pingerz but with a D), Tristan.
Favourite meme page: Spur Posting
Favourite morning activity: Physio exercises
Favourite afternoon activity: Physio exercises
Main reason you do physio: getting in shape for event 6
Favourite travel blogger: Brodie Nankervis @ Time Pressed Traveller


Name: Caroline Pigerre
JWOC Class: Double dip
Favourite quote: “…….”
Who are you cheering for this world cup: Sweden (there’s a reason I’m going to live there 😉)
Why did you decide to become a vegan? Because I love animals so much, especially doggos
You’re in the lead in the JWOC sprint. You’re in the last loop. Suddenly you see a 10/10 mint as puppa about to fall off the infamous Kecskemet bridge. Saving it will cost you 47 seconds and the victory. What do you do? Contemplate the situation for 53 seconds then watch the doggo fall to its impending doom xx
When was the last time you missed a planned training session: 2001
What’s your preferred age range? 17-22 (months) - (dw she’s babysitting Jules’ kids)
What’s the difference between a Ferrari and two crying toddlers: I’m not planning on leaving a Ferrari in Jules’ garage.

Name: Joseph DICKinson
Year born: 1998
JWOC class: double parked  
Nickname: Bro-seph, Hoe-seph
How’s your training going: good
Quote: “I’m leaking cucumber juice”
Which result are you most proud of from last year: Can’t decide between top 20 in the sprint and Spanish top 10.
Favourite travel blogger: Brodie Nankervis @ Time Pressed Traveller

Name: Rachel Allen
Nickname: Allen’s is an Australian brand of confectionery products produced by Nestle it is best known for Minties, a soft chewable mint-flavored confectionery, and their varieties of ‘Party Mix’ lollies
What state are you from? Tasmania
JWOC class: Two heads are better than one
Favourite intervals session: 4 hour hike with my family
Favourite distance: Rogaine
Two truths one lie: I like the outdoors, I once woke up to find that one of the boys who I’d got with the night before was my brother, I made a good decision in choosing to move to Launceston.
What’s your biggest regret: Moving to Launceston.
Any truth to the rumour that your boyfriend is actually your first-cousin: No comment 😉
Who are you going for in the world cup: Switzerland (“different post code so it doesn’t matter”)

Name: Aston Key
JWOC class: Neapolitan Ice-cream
Year born: 2006
Nickname: Eston, Unofficial M18 EYOC sprint champion.
What’s your favourite boys name: Cory
Which side of the road do you drive on in Hungary: Wright
What’s your favourite pre-race food: A wiener schnitzel Berger
Favourite travel blogger: Brodie Nankervis @ Time Pressed Traveller
Quote “I can’t wait to go to the WOC banquet with my mum”

Name: Tara Melhuish
Nickname: Tara Melhooyoouiiosh
JWOC class: Triple threat
What do you do when your sister beats you in a race: punch a hole in my bedroom wall
What intensity should you log walking as in your training log (on a scale of 0 to 5): 4
How many hours of training do you do a week (not including walking): More than the rest of the team combined (17)
Who are you cheering for in the world cup: Norway (I didn’t spend five months there for nothing 😉)
How many holes are there in your bedroom wall: 197

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Dear Aussies/fans/enemies trying to see our expert preparation,
We are writing this from the comfort of our current accommodation, in a place called Morahalom. Beautifully green, sunshine and a pleasant 27degrees. Doesn’t get much better than this.
The last week saw numerous highlights, none more so than the JWOC team video kindly produced by the one and only Pat Jaffe. For those unbeknownst to the beauty there is a link below and for those who have already admired the future ARIA winner we recommend you re-watch because it 100% doesn’t get old.
Up until Friday last week the team was living in none less than a mansion. We’re talking 6 toilets sort of stuff here. There were also 2 kitchens, an outside living area, private lake, DISHWASHER and most importantly a variety of taxidermies that bought back fond memories of last year’s glorious photoshoot, later banned by the IOF. The guy in charge was a bit of a lad too, we had dinner at his local pub the last night where he served up some pretty glorious burgers for a measly $4.5.
Tuesday and Thursday were spent on Long distance relevant terrain at Izsak.  Following an easy session at the infamous middle terrain in Bocsa on the Monday, Izsak felt homey. With pine sections similar to New Zealand (particularly Woodhill) and plenty more distinct features than the maze-like middle terrain, we came out of the forest happy. The biggest adaptation we are having to make for the Hungarian terrain is learning the speed of different types of forest. White is by far the quickest (with Pat dropping some cheeky sub 4min/ks), clearings are obvious but not always as fast underfoot as expected and tracks are some pretty grim soft sand.
Wednesday brought us to some fantastic relay terrain which was a definite training peak of the week. Smashing some speedy 2k reps with the gals, through idyllic terrain with control flow smoother than our dance moves, really got us going and boosted our confidence. We are now super excited but also petrified for how fast the 5th JWOC event will be.
Friday saw the team’s second trip to the notorious middle-distance terrain at Bocsa. Trying the maze-like terrain at speed was a prickly, spiky, hurty experience but overall everyone came out relatively unscathed (emotionally at least). Following our morning session, we moved accommodations from Tabdi to Kiskunmajsa. Since there was 8 of us with a 5-person car and 300kg of luggage we had a car of 4 people and 300 bags and 4 people took the train. For some reason no trains link up in rural Hungary, so the 4 chosen train riders got to spend some time checking out the local op shops in Kiskoros and found some glorious local fashion. We eventually made it to our next accommodation and sorry to say this, but it was a slight down grade. Going from our Hungarian villa to an intimate dwelling which lacked a kettle, toaster and washing machine was a bit of a shock to our tea-reliant, bread consuming, stinky systems, but we powered through.

Left: World’s Cutest Pupper* witnessed on train between Kiskoros and Kiskunhalas Right: Pat’s op shop buy allowing him to embrace Eastern European culture more effectively

*indisputable 100% fact

On Saturday we did nothing (except Tara and Pat want us to mention the did a pretty solid interval session). One easy jog later, we were watching Pitch Perfect 2 and a little bored. Exploring Kiskunmajsa took a total of 5mins since nothing was open, and the longest stop ended up being at a $1 ice cream shop. In the end we killed the time with in-depth Time Pressed Traveller research (we found things even Brodie had forgotten about) and created our masterpiece. Again, if the gloriousness of our squad video has not yet graced your retinas, please click the link below. Don’t even read the rest of this post, go treat yo’self.
Sunday was our final pre-pretraining camp session so we got on to some new long terrain at Bodoglar. Another happy session, and it was all fun and games until Lara got the car bogged. The training made up for this minor crisis however, as it was some juicy forest with lots of line features, visible vegetation changes, and good runability. Post training we got serious about our recovery (train hard, rest harder) and watched some more movies and did some geeking before heading out to find dinner. Upon realising that restaurants in Kiskunmajsa only supply drinks on Sunday evening and no food, we found a take away pizza shop and an hour later after google translating an entire menu we finally got a feed.
Monday morning meant time to return the car to Budapest, meet Brodie, Krystal and Jacob and eventually all convene in Bocsa. Despite a few minor delays (approximately 3hrs behind schedule, no biggie) the official training camp has now started and it is all beginning to feel real. Last week was a great introduction to the terrain for Zoe, Tara, Caro, Pat and us (Jo and Asha) and now we are ready to fine tune our techniques through this week to be fully prepared for everything JWOC throws at us.

Stay tuned for more from your favourite JWOC team,

Jo and Asha xoxo